Monday, June 20, 2011

Tomato and Spinach Pizza

People look at me weird when I tell them that my favorite pizza does not have tomato sauce on it. Oh, and it doesn't have meat on it either. I love tomato and spinach alfredo pizza. When people think of good pizza, they generally think of red sauce, mozzarella cheese, and some basil on top--in other words, pizza Margherita. Don't get me wrong; it's great! But, when I think of good pizza, I think of white sauce, thick tomato slices, perfectly cooked spinach, and cheese.

One of my friends came over that day, and I decided to make everything from scratch. I'm so proud of myself. I used a really easy dough recipe I found here, and the pizza turned out so good. The crust was crispy, and the dough was so easy to work with. I shocked myself.

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